Bronx Elliot Garcia // Newborn Photography

This past weekend our dear friends, Bethanie and Anthony Garcia welcomed their fourth blessing into the world. I was lucky enough to be asked to capture their beginning days with little Bronx Elliot. And let me say, she surely touched my heart with her wide eyes, searching for her daddy every time she heard him speak. There was so much love coming from this room and I am glad I can relive all the emotions through these photos.




The Sisterhood: May 31st, 2018

As the girls grow they are becoming more inseparable. I enjoy watching them play together, I enjoy hearing them communicate to one another. Hearing Sophia’s little voice say, “Come Sammie.” “No Sammie.” “Here Sammie.” it surely makes my heart smile. Some days I am still in awe that I am a mother of two beautiful little girls. As this is still all new to me, I can’t help but feel like its all deja vu. When I sit and watch Sophia and Sammie, it all feels so similar, flashbacks to when me and my little sister were young. We too, were hand in hand everywhere we went. I can only hope that Sophia and Sammie will have the same kind of bond as the grow together because with a sister, you will never be alone, forever, you will have a best friend. DSC03831DSC03856DSC03864DSC03865DSC03859DSC03837DSC03826DSC03829DSC03820DSC03819DSC03813DSC03815DSC03811DSC03809DSC03795DSC03793DSC03786DSC03785DSC03780DSC03761DSC03832DSC03866