Engagement Session// Jenny + Steve

To my very first Engagement session, I could not be happier to introduce to you, Jenny and Steve!

A couple who truly only wanted to spend their Saturday evening fishing and I, so lucky enough to be asked to tag a long and witness the darling two.

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This Is Postpartum: My Story


I have been so moved by the #This_Is_Postpartum movement and as a mother who had suffered with postpartum depression in silence, I would like to share my postpartum story.

981 days ago, I gave birth to my first child and although I had discovered a whole new kind of love and passion to care for another, I also discovered what it felt like to fall out of love with myself.

Since becoming a mother, I have learned what anxiety is. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house for the first three months, only for doctor appointments. I cringed at the thought of having people stopping by to visit the baby and I. I couldn’t look in the mirror for two years because I didn’t recognize myself and I tore myself apart with self thoughts, “Those chins!” “Oh, those are orangutan titties..“ “I’m loosing my hair!” “I’m ugly!” I just couldn’t wrap my head around not being this thin, pretty little twenty-three year old anymore.

As horrible as it sounds, postpartum broke me. I fell into self depression, I lost trust in others, I gave up on loving myself and feeling important. But every second of the day I had this beautiful little blessing in my arms. Always looking into my eyes, silencing all the negativity I had for myself. This tiny little human that I created could change sad tears into happy tears by one look and all was better again.

You know, if there is one thing I have done right in my short time of life, its becoming a mother. Motherhood has been such a journey for me so far. All the time and love I have given my daughters, they have given so much more back. They’ve taught me what unconditional love is. They love me with no makeup, they love me when I’m sad, when I’m frustrated, they love me if I haven’t shaved my legs, they love me if I haven’t worn deodorant for three days, they love me for ME! Yes, two little babies have taught me how to love myself for who I am.

And with the help of the motherhood community on social media, I have learned how to find the balance of being a mother and a woman. I have made new friends and rekindled with old ones, I’m laughing again and stepping out of the house more, I’m setting personal goals and doing things I love.

So if postpartum has you feeling alone and lost from yourself, you’re truly not alone.
Here’s me telling you what I wish I knew two and a half years ago, “You are Powerful, you are Strong! You have just created life within yourself, that right there is BEAUTIFUL!”

Bronx Elliot Garcia // Newborn Photography

This past weekend our dear friends, Bethanie and Anthony Garcia welcomed their fourth blessing into the world. I was lucky enough to be asked to capture their beginning days with little Bronx Elliot. And let me say, she surely touched my heart with her wide eyes, searching for her daddy every time she heard him speak. There was so much love coming from this room and I am glad I can relive all the emotions through these photos.



The Sisterhood: May 31st, 2018

As the girls grow they are becoming more inseparable. I enjoy watching them play together, I enjoy hearing them communicate to one another. Hearing Sophia’s little voice say, “Come Sammie.” “No Sammie.” “Here Sammie.” it surely makes my heart smile. Some days I am still in awe that I am a mother of two beautiful little girls. As this is still all new to me, I can’t help but feel like its all deja vu. When I sit and watch Sophia and Sammie, it all feels so similar, flashbacks to when me and my little sister were young. We too, were hand in hand everywhere we went. I can only hope that Sophia and Sammie will have the same kind of bond as the grow together because with a sister, you will never be alone, forever, you will have a best friend. DSC03831DSC03856DSC03864DSC03865DSC03859DSC03837DSC03826DSC03829DSC03820DSC03819DSC03813DSC03815DSC03811DSC03809DSC03795DSC03793DSC03786DSC03785DSC03780DSC03761DSC03832DSC03866