Note: # 1 Don’t Be Afraid Little One.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help Little One. For when the days go long and nights are quick. Seek in Family, for Love lies within. For Family is not to judge but to lend the hand.   -Mother

Sammie + Banana

Sammie gets a taste of Banana! She loved it!  Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Sammie + Crib

Sammie meets the crib Thursday, September 28th, 2017.

Good Night Moon

“Hi Moon, Bye Moon, Night Night Moon.” – Sophia When the sky falls dark and my little dear finds the bright light, she’s reunited with a friend once again. She greets The Moon with a smile and a wave. I find her reaching her arms high, trying to grab and hug The Moon tight. She’s…

Welcome to The Homebodies.

My name is Darrelle, I’m twenty-five and creating a home with my childhood love. I’m a mother to two little girls, Sophia + Sammie. I spend my days at home, loving and completely up in my family’s face with my camera. Most of the time I’m chasing one daughter around while holding the other, snapping…

The Homebodies: First Road Trip.

Road trip. ROAD TRIP! This was the year we took our first family vacation. The Sanchez Family drove from Phoenix to San Diego. A five hour drive with a seventeen and three month old (the nerves were running high). I’m a person who is most comfortable in routine and so our my girls. Sophia, she…